The Roots of Mindfulness

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Practice

July 7th & 8th, 2018 at Unity Temple on the Plaza, Kansas City

Join us for a weekend deep dive into the Buddhist roots of mindfulness and how its wisdom teachings and practices relate to modern-day, secular approaches to finding freedom from suffering. 

Workshop: Saturday July 7

Unity Temple Classroom C

8:30–9 Welcome 9-10:30 The What, Why & How of Mindfulness 10:30-12 Mindfulness & the Four Noble Truths 12-2 Lunch on your own 2-3:30 Emergent Wisdom: Practicing Mindfulness Outside Established Tradition 3:30–5 Buddha Nature: Our Natural Freedom

Teacher Led Retreat: Sunday July 8

Unity Temple Classroom E

9-10 Mindfulness of the Body 10-11 Mindfulness of the Skandhas 11-12 Mindfulness of the Senses 12-1 Mindfulness of the Mind

Kristy Arbon

Kristy Arbon is founder and CEO of HeartWorks Training LLC, supporting people in their practice of self-compassion, mindfulness, somatic awareness, shame resilience and tapping into emergent self-wisdom. Her work has deep roots in Mindful Self-Compassion, Internal Family Systems, Sensory Modulation, Brene Brown’s shame resilience model, Buddhist philosophy and exploration of archetypes. Kristy is a qualified social worker, a certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, a qualified fitness instructor and she has completed Internal Family Systems Level 1 training. She is the developer of the Somatic Self-Compassion curriculum and she adapted the Mindful Self-Compassion curriculum for the online environment. She is passionate about supporting people in taking care of themselves and learning about old patterns of being that no longer serve them so that they can go out into the world and courageously do the important work they are called for.

Jon Dilley

Jon Dilley (Ngakpa Orgyen Drime Ozer) is a Dharma teacher and Vice President of Younge Drodul Ling, a non-sectarian, non-political Buddhist church with foundations in traditional Tibetan Buddhism that includes all lineages. Jon’s interest in Buddhism started in college, and he began studying earnestly 2000, attending classes at the Rimé Buddhist Center here in Kansas City where he eventually facilitated their foundational education program and served on the Board of Directors. His more formal Buddhist education includes several Shedra (or Buddhist University) courses, to fulfill his teacher’s request to teach the Dharma more extensively. Jon has received diverse teachings in the Kagyu, Geluk & Nyingma Tibetan traditions as well as Zen and Theravada philosophy and meditation techniques. He attends annual retreats in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Jon is a native of Kansas City, but he recently relocated to Cleveland, Ohio where he is building a regional Sangha and teaches classes for all levels of students. His continued mission is to inspire practitioners to not only learn about the Buddhadharma but to make the practices their own and embrace the compassionate “Dharma way of thinking.”

Unity Temple on the Plaza

Centrally located in the heart of Kansas City on the world-renowned, scenic Country Club Plaza, Unity Temple is a place where diversity is praised, and peace and harmony are the rewards. Established by the Fillmore family, who acquired land in 1928, it was a dedication to Charles Fillmore's beloved spouse Myrtle. A six-level parking facility that wraps around the Temple makes parking convenient and hotel accommodations and restaurants are within easy walking distance.

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